ashlin aronin

software artist, portland


A phone tree that just might replace your therapist *and* personal shopper.


A collaborative story-telling time capsule.

cool boy music toy

A game developed at HackPDX 2015 to introduce basic tenets of ear training and synthesis in a playful way.


A meat-pumpkin solar system in Three.js. Thanks to Andre Brown for the 3D models.


eddie bauer custom

Front-end development and 3D integration for Eddie Bauer's jacket customizer.

camelbak custom bottle

Front-end development, 3D integration, template tooling and data wrangling.

energy trust forms

.NET development, server management and responsive redesign for Energy Trust web forms.

oregon beer mile

Responsive, mobile-first layout and animation for Oregon Beer Mile event site.

a / v


Some of my original electronic music and mixes.

pipe organ recital

Works by Messiaen and Dukas plus original compositions for computer-controlled organ and chamber ensemble.

mi quang song

A love affair with Vietnamese noodles in music video form.


Models' bodies distort as they walk a deconstructed Blender catwalk.